I'm Han Ling, a 22-year-old illustrator from Singapore. Here at Eyes on Clouds,
you'll find my portfolio of original illustrations and design work, as well as my blog, where I document and share my journey as a creative.

Originally a graphic design and branding student, I took the leap into full-time illustrating less than a year after graduating. It was one of the best choices I've ever made, as each day of my life is filled with much excitement and fulfilment.

A dreamer at heart, my friends would describe me as someone who 'has her head in the clouds’. Honestly, I wanted to use that name, but it was already taken. So Eyes on Clouds was born! 'Eyes' - because I love all things visual, and I am constantly inspired by everything around me, be it in nature, fashion, people, books or music.

I'm always open for:

・ Creative Collaborations
・ Illustration-based branding and design for your brand
・ Wedding or Event Invites & Collaterals
・ Personal Portraits

If you'd like to work with me, I can always be found through
InstagramFacebook or email: kohhanling@gmail.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!