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Illustration by Gizem Vural aka how I'm feeling right now

Illustration by Gizem Vural aka how I'm feeling right now

Hey there! It's been awhile since I last blogged - the past month has been a crazy rush in preparing for my booth at Public Garden. Since that has ended, the past two days have been cherished with much sleep and alone time. It's so important to relax and recharge, so I'm ready to start drawing more stuff again! 

I'll write about my experience of setting up a booth soon, but today I thought it would be nice to take this questionnaire thing I found on tumblr. It reminds me of the blogspot days when my friends and I were 14-year-olds, tagging each other to do these 'about me' quizzes on our blogs. Though I still find it quite enjoyable now, so here goes:

Do you keep plants?
Yes!! I love them and water them twice a week :)

Do you name your plants?
Yes, I have Bethany, Mozart, Dan & Phil and Emilia :p

What's your favorite planet?
Maybe the moon? Does that count???

What's something that made you smile today?
Chocolate banana espresso cake from Cedele!!

What's your favorite pasta dish?
POMODORO (made in Italy ones) omg I can eat that everyday

What color do you really want to dye your hair?

What's your favorite eye color?
Blue! Blue eyes are so cool

Are you a morning person?
I like mornings, if I manage to wake up early

What's your favorite thing to do on lazy days where you have 0 obligations?
Lie in bed, scroll tumblr, fall asleep as I scroll tumblr

Tell us about your pet peeves!
Dirty dishes being piled up, dirty dishes with food in the sink,
soggy tissues, things not being arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner,
the colour lime green, having to pay attention to many people at once,
people interrupting me when I'm in the zone, marketing that tries too hard,
people who think they are ~cool and hip~ but actually very not cool..
Ok I sound like a very bad person but I'm just answering the question!

What color do you wear the most?
Recently, it's blue and grey!

What's the last book you remember really, really loving?
I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Describe it!
Starbucks. Air conditioned, free wifi, plugs, nice service staff,
guaranteed nice drinks and atmosphere, A+++

When was the last time you remember feeling completely
serene and at peace with everything?

Now as I'm typing this!! Feeling very relaxed and peaceful :)

Do you trust your instincts a lot?
Yes, always, I go with my heart!

Tell us the worst pun you can think of.
Why did the banana go to the doctor?
Because it wasn't peeling well.

I think that's enough for now! I selected questions from here, comment below if you take the quiz on your blog too!! :)

back from an art break

photo by zanderroth architekten

photo by zanderroth architekten

I think the photo above shows rather perfectly how I feel right now. Clean and clear on the inside, while looking at the outside world that is beautiful and full of possibilities.

If you follow my instagram, you'd see that I had a mini art crisis last week. It has been building up for a few weeks now, where something felt wrong and I wasn't feeling my best.. everything felt like a blur, and I even broke some glass cups two shifts in a row at the cafe I worked. :3 But I didn't know why or how to fix it. Almost everyday I was pushing myself to create stuff, but nothing turned out satisfactory.

So on Monday I decided I was 'creatively drained' and therefore gave myself a little break. I logged out of instagram, deleted the app, ignored most work-related stuff, ignored this blog, and immersed myself in some Korean drama to take my mind off things.

After doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working at the cafe and marathoning 14 episodes of cheesy K-drama romance, I feel kinda recharged and ready to create again.

It's always hard to decide what advice to take. At first, I was hesitant about taking a break, because I googled 'how to get over creative block' and most of the 'help tips' recommended pushing on, or taking a short break. (Short as in, go for a walk and come back again.) But I went on a 5-6 day break, because I felt it was what I needed. I can feel guilty about this, or I can tell myself 'time enjoyed is not time wasted'. I go with the latter. I guess it just differs for everyone, and it's always about finding balance and what fits best for you.

So here I am, on a Saturday evening, in my favourite Starbucks with a green tea latte, feeling ready and excited to be back at work again! 


#instagoals: glossier

I need a moment to talk about how Glossier's instagram never ceases to amaze me. They're a skincare brand, but on their feed you'll find everything, from birds to cacti to interior inspiration to close up shots of melting ice cream. Yet everything blends well together, like a visual feast, as if tumblr, pinterest and instagram all mashed into one.

While I don't own a single product from Glossier, what I really love about them is that they understand promoting products isn't just about spamming photos of it, but creating and inspiring an entire lifestyle around it. One look at their instagram page and you'll know that this brand represents fun, youth, and a feminine, carefree spirit.

What do you think of their instagram feed? Am I overhyping it because - I have to admit - maybe why I love them so much is because of all the pink? 

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from the archives: botanic gardens

I thought it would be a good idea pull out some of my old work and share it here. Since it's doing nothing but collecting virtual dust on my laptop, I might as well give them some limelight again!  

These photos were taken in 2013, and three years on, I actually still like them a lot! I think we had just finished our photography module at school, and my hands were itching to go out and take some photographs. So off I went with my friend to the most scenic place we could think of, Singapore's Botanic Gardens.

The gardens were recently awarded the title of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Even my tour guide in Italy mentioned how much she loved the place when she visited it. As a local, it's always hard to appreciate familiar scenery as much as foreigners do.. but it's definitely a good place for a nice morning stroll.

My favourite photo of the lot, it kind of looks like a painting doesn't it?

My favourite photo of the lot, it kind of looks like a painting doesn't it?

It's very rare that I go out with my big camera and take photographs for fun nowadays, maybe I should start again?