#instagoals: glossier

I need a moment to talk about how Glossier's instagram never ceases to amaze me. They're a skincare brand, but on their feed you'll find everything, from birds to cacti to interior inspiration to close up shots of melting ice cream. Yet everything blends well together, like a visual feast, as if tumblr, pinterest and instagram all mashed into one.

While I don't own a single product from Glossier, what I really love about them is that they understand promoting products isn't just about spamming photos of it, but creating and inspiring an entire lifestyle around it. One look at their instagram page and you'll know that this brand represents fun, youth, and a feminine, carefree spirit.

What do you think of their instagram feed? Am I overhyping it because - I have to admit - maybe why I love them so much is because of all the pink? 

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