Previously I’ve talked about my own artist vision board, and in there were pieces from some artists that I am currently super in love with. Here are a few of them!

Hsiao Ron Cheng (@hsiaoroncheng)
I’ve been following Hsiao Ron Cheng’s work for a long time, she has such a unique art style that is hard to miss. I was so pleasantly surprised that she collaborated with Troye Sivan on his ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ cover. It’s so cool when an artist and musician you know come together!! Her high quality and pastelly-dreamy work is something I always look forward to.

Katherine Karnadi (@kathkrnd)
I am absolutely in love with how she draws hair!! So much #artgoals. It’s so real and wispy, and I especially love how she does the stray hairs as well. Not to mention that the eyes are so strong and full of life. I’ve only discovered Katherine’s instagram about a month ago, but she’s quickly grown to become one of my faves <3

Henrietta Haris (@henriettaharris)
I found Henrietta Harris through her feature in Frankie magazine. She’s also a master of hair and realistic drawing, but what I love is how she paints with watercolour. I’m currently learning painting and it’s such a hard medium to control!! Watercolour clouds selectively mask the subjects in her work, which make them so enchanting and beautiful.

Looking at their amazing work makes me want to scream inside. Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment? I’m always on the lookout for different artists, so any recommendations are welcome!!

All images of the artwork belong to their respective artists, click on the link beside their name for their Instagram!