back from an art break

photo by zanderroth architekten

photo by zanderroth architekten

I think the photo above shows rather perfectly how I feel right now. Clean and clear on the inside, while looking at the outside world that is beautiful and full of possibilities.

If you follow my instagram, you'd see that I had a mini art crisis last week. It has been building up for a few weeks now, where something felt wrong and I wasn't feeling my best.. everything felt like a blur, and I even broke some glass cups two shifts in a row at the cafe I worked. :3 But I didn't know why or how to fix it. Almost everyday I was pushing myself to create stuff, but nothing turned out satisfactory.

So on Monday I decided I was 'creatively drained' and therefore gave myself a little break. I logged out of instagram, deleted the app, ignored most work-related stuff, ignored this blog, and immersed myself in some Korean drama to take my mind off things.

After doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working at the cafe and marathoning 14 episodes of cheesy K-drama romance, I feel kinda recharged and ready to create again.

It's always hard to decide what advice to take. At first, I was hesitant about taking a break, because I googled 'how to get over creative block' and most of the 'help tips' recommended pushing on, or taking a short break. (Short as in, go for a walk and come back again.) But I went on a 5-6 day break, because I felt it was what I needed. I can feel guilty about this, or I can tell myself 'time enjoyed is not time wasted'. I go with the latter. I guess it just differs for everyone, and it's always about finding balance and what fits best for you.

So here I am, on a Saturday evening, in my favourite Starbucks with a green tea latte, feeling ready and excited to be back at work again!