welcome to eyes on clouds

So I’ve started this blog on a whim. I think it’s an idea that has been brewing in my head for a long time coming, but today was the day it suddenly made sense for me to start one.

I’ve been writing a bit on my tumblr and I really enjoy it, but that space is not really the best for wordy posts. I was initially inspired by this photo:

Untitled by Brooke DiDonato

Untitled by Brooke DiDonato

I came across it and I was like ‘I need to talk about this photo. I want to think more about it, why I am drawn to it, and what it tells me about myself.’ Liking or reblogging it simply wasn’t enough. It would be weird and kind of pointless to send my friend the photo and say ‘Look at this photo!! It’s so nice right!!’.. then have them reply ‘yeah’ and the conversation stops there. So I guess I need a place to express my excitement over such things.

Here’s what I wrote:

I absolutely love this image. Something about it that draws me in.. it looks like she’s drowning, yet it evokes such a feeling of calm for me. As if her breath would never run out, and she’s simply enjoying being immersed in the water. (Afterthought: I probably subconsciously envy her because I can’t swim and I have a phobia of swimming.)

I’ve always loved reading blogs/magazines, and dreamt of having my own someday. And the allure of having my own .com domain is just too cool to resist. 

I don’t know where this blog will go, but I want to treat it like a little museum of my own, where I am the dictator-curator who chooses things she loves and writes about them. I might also write about my own art - the inspiration behind them, my process, what I learnt from it.. I think it will be helpful in putting more depth and meaning into my art. 

So I am fairly optimistic and excited about this blog. One thing I always struggle with though, is ending posts.. I don’t think it will get easier with time. How do I end them? Bye? Okay bye, thanks for reading!