I recently created an ‘artist vision board’ for myself - basically a collection of art pieces I really loved and aspired for my art to be like. I’ve been trying out so many different styles with my art, playing with lines, colours and mediums, that I needed a direction I could focus on. While I still do love experimenting, having this vision board helps me be clear of the kind of art I love and want to achieve.

I mean, there’s so much beautiful art out there, but I think it’s important to really distill out what really inspires and speaks to me. Whenever I look at my board, it gets my heart racing and I can’t wait to get to creating something of my own. 

There are key features in my board that are pretty obvious: clean composition, expressive brush strokes, clean line work, and often, monochrome pieces with pops of colour. I find this awareness of what I like really helpful, so I know what to focus on when I create my next art piece. (Getting clean lines is something I really struggle with right now :p)

Are there any other ‘traits’ in my board that stand out to you? Let me know! Or share with me your own vision board, I’d love to take a look :)