Previously I’ve talked about my own artist vision board, and in there were pieces from some artists that I am currently super in love with. Here are a few of them!

Hsiao Ron Cheng (@hsiaoroncheng)
I’ve been following Hsiao Ron Cheng’s work for a long time, she has such a unique art style that is hard to miss. I was so pleasantly surprised that she collaborated with Troye Sivan on his ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ cover. It’s so cool when an artist and musician you know come together!! Her high quality and pastelly-dreamy work is something I always look forward to.

Katherine Karnadi (@kathkrnd)
I am absolutely in love with how she draws hair!! So much #artgoals. It’s so real and wispy, and I especially love how she does the stray hairs as well. Not to mention that the eyes are so strong and full of life. I’ve only discovered Katherine’s instagram about a month ago, but she’s quickly grown to become one of my faves <3

Henrietta Haris (@henriettaharris)
I found Henrietta Harris through her feature in Frankie magazine. She’s also a master of hair and realistic drawing, but what I love is how she paints with watercolour. I’m currently learning painting and it’s such a hard medium to control!! Watercolour clouds selectively mask the subjects in her work, which make them so enchanting and beautiful.

Looking at their amazing work makes me want to scream inside. Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment? I’m always on the lookout for different artists, so any recommendations are welcome!!

All images of the artwork belong to their respective artists, click on the link beside their name for their Instagram!

the perfect tote

I sure do love tote bags - especially the plain, off-white cotton ones with black type silkscreened on it. Maybe it's the neat woven texture of the fabric, or maybe its the extremely satisfying feeling of running your fingers over the edge of the dried ink.

black on white

black on white

Sadly, it's rare to find a well-designed tote bag nowadays. They are one of the most exploited items by designers/artists/merchandisers out there, because they're literally a canvas you can print anything on. Got a design? Just copy and paste it on a totebag!! D: (Don't even get me started on the cropped edges) 

So imagine my excitement when I came across this tote bag by fieldguided:

love at first sight!

love at first sight!

Not only is the type well-kerned, but the size and positioning on the tote is just perfect. Match that with a dreamy quote and lovely photography - immediately added to my wishlist!!

Do you love tote bags too? What are your favourite kinds of tote bags? Leave a comment below! 

Images courtesy of fieldguided, click on the images to go to their Etsy shop!

the gap by ira glass

This is by far the best advice I've come across, a definite must-see for all creatives out there. Whether you're a writer, musician, artist, film maker or designer, it's such timeless and important advice to keep in mind. 

I'm taking watercolour classes now, and it was really annoying at first to see how bad I was at it. But the advice from this video stuck in my mind, and encouraged me to keep going. Everyone is horrible at what they do at first. While it takes a lot of effort to push myself to start again after seeing the horrible stuff I've created, I do find myself improving with each attempt. I still have a long way to go before I reach the standard that I'd like to achieve, but I have to remind myself that growth and improvement takes time. And whenever I'm feeling unmotivated about my work, I can always rely on this video to pick me right back up! 


I recently created an ‘artist vision board’ for myself - basically a collection of art pieces I really loved and aspired for my art to be like. I’ve been trying out so many different styles with my art, playing with lines, colours and mediums, that I needed a direction I could focus on. While I still do love experimenting, having this vision board helps me be clear of the kind of art I love and want to achieve.

I mean, there’s so much beautiful art out there, but I think it’s important to really distill out what really inspires and speaks to me. Whenever I look at my board, it gets my heart racing and I can’t wait to get to creating something of my own. 

There are key features in my board that are pretty obvious: clean composition, expressive brush strokes, clean line work, and often, monochrome pieces with pops of colour. I find this awareness of what I like really helpful, so I know what to focus on when I create my next art piece. (Getting clean lines is something I really struggle with right now :p)

Are there any other ‘traits’ in my board that stand out to you? Let me know! Or share with me your own vision board, I’d love to take a look :)

welcome to eyes on clouds

So I’ve started this blog on a whim. I think it’s an idea that has been brewing in my head for a long time coming, but today was the day it suddenly made sense for me to start one.

I’ve been writing a bit on my tumblr and I really enjoy it, but that space is not really the best for wordy posts. I was initially inspired by this photo:

Untitled by Brooke DiDonato

Untitled by Brooke DiDonato

I came across it and I was like ‘I need to talk about this photo. I want to think more about it, why I am drawn to it, and what it tells me about myself.’ Liking or reblogging it simply wasn’t enough. It would be weird and kind of pointless to send my friend the photo and say ‘Look at this photo!! It’s so nice right!!’.. then have them reply ‘yeah’ and the conversation stops there. So I guess I need a place to express my excitement over such things.

Here’s what I wrote:

I absolutely love this image. Something about it that draws me in.. it looks like she’s drowning, yet it evokes such a feeling of calm for me. As if her breath would never run out, and she’s simply enjoying being immersed in the water. (Afterthought: I probably subconsciously envy her because I can’t swim and I have a phobia of swimming.)

I’ve always loved reading blogs/magazines, and dreamt of having my own someday. And the allure of having my own .com domain is just too cool to resist. 

I don’t know where this blog will go, but I want to treat it like a little museum of my own, where I am the dictator-curator who chooses things she loves and writes about them. I might also write about my own art - the inspiration behind them, my process, what I learnt from it.. I think it will be helpful in putting more depth and meaning into my art. 

So I am fairly optimistic and excited about this blog. One thing I always struggle with though, is ending posts.. I don’t think it will get easier with time. How do I end them? Bye? Okay bye, thanks for reading!